Fynyc Industries was first conceived in the early year of 2010, at the time the company was little more than a name and a logo doodled on the back of a ELA homework assignment Logan really probably should have done. Since then Fynyc has grown with Logan, quickly growing to encapsulate all the projects he pursued over the years. The Fynyc Logo can be found on many of his old school projects, A half dozen printed circuit boards, and numerous youtube videos showcasing his dabblings in various industries. Headquartered in the beautiful (and cold) city of Calgary, Alberta Fynyc Industries' future promises to continue to grow.

Calgary, AB, Canada
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Who Are you?

To answer that take a look at our Team info page!

What is it you do?

EVERYTHING!!!!!! Okay maybe not quite EVERYTHING but almost. Because Fynyc is a representation of my personal interests our area of specialization if fairly large. We currently focus on the High Tech market. This includes things like software and hardware development, audio visual technologies, and some dabbling in guns and gunsmithing.

What is a "Fynyc"?

Fynyc is the name of a fictional bird species. The name comes from the russian word Феникс, pronounced "Feniks". More accurately it's a corruption of the translation of Феникс between Russian and Ukrainian. The Fynyc Species is very similar to the russian folklore figure the Fire bird, a phoenix of sorts. Fynyc birds are white in color with black feathers spread throughout their plumage. They closely resemble hawks.